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Country, Boho, Rustic Dream Wedding

Filed in Weddings — January 19, 2019

Styled Shoot_651.jpg

As I drove down the delta roads to get from Brentwood to Sacramento for beautiful summer and fall weddings in 2018, I couldn’t help myself but to rubberneck at this big green barn that read “Mr & Mrs.” above the door, sitting beyond a big open lawn just off of the road. I wondered over and over again, why I had never heard of it & how the heck I would make sure I got the chance to shoot there.

One day I got a fire under my ass to put together a styled shoot, florals, dress, makeup and all. I knew just where I was going to do it; Delta Diamond Farm. That’s the name of the wedding venue with the cute green barn I had seen time and time again off of the side of the road in the tiny delta town of Isleton.

So, I sent some emails and did a whole lot of planning & this dream wedding Styled Shoot was born…with the help of some pretty amazing & talented wedding industry creatives. My goal was to pull together the most talented vendors in my area to create the perfect boho, rustic dream wedding. & that is exactly what we did. If you want to know who these talented vendors i’m talking about are, continue scrolling, you’ll be glad you did.

Styled Shoot_872.jpg

Once I actually stepped onto the property, my heart was gushing with the cute details they have, that go far beyond what you can see from the road. The bathrooms for guests are actually an old gas station, which is a replica of the original Isleton gas station & makes the cutest backdrop for some rustic pictures. They also have an awesome upstairs in the barn, an old airstream styled trailer with a bar on the inside & so much more eccentric awesomeness…

Those absoltuely amazing fall florals jumping out of the photos are by Sam & Syd Loft. My dad who’s truly a jack of all trades, whipped out that awesome triangular arbor for me just a day before the shoot & Samantha added some of her magic to bring it to life with that punch of colorful florals. Vanessa put together Salina’s bouquet & added some loose odds and ends to her boho braid & her bridemaids classic updo. I have to say, flowers matter. They can truly just bring everything to life and add that extra oomf that you need. Sam & Vanessa at Sam & Syd Loft are so talented and wonderful to work with. There’s no need to settle for cookie cutter flowers when the rest of your wedding is far from basic. Sam will sit down with you and pair all of your random ideas you have with her own creativity and expirience to create something that you’ll want to make sure you get photos of, to preserve forever.

The Dress. Finding the perfect dress can often come with a price tag that isn’t so perfect. For me, I have always found the value in unique thrifted items and things that you can make what you want of them. Salina’s wedding dress is actually from a small boutique in Brentwood, CA that carries casual everyday wear as well as some floor length dresses typically worn for things like engagement sessions & other semi-formal outtings. Would you believe me if I told you that you could get your wedding dress for under $100? Well if you loved this classy boho dress the way I did than you can! Just pop on in to Plush Boutique in the Streets of Brentwood. Or if you’re looking to have your bridesmaids in something a little less been-there-done that and a little more unique, like say a bell- bottomed jumpsuit, like the one Haylee is wearing here, you can find that at Plush too. I am a huge jumpsuit girl & will choose a jumpsuit over a dress whenever given the opportunity. There are no hard lines when it comes to planning your wedding, make it YOU! Make it differnt! Make it fun!

One of the details that will make a difference in photos on your wedding day is your hair & make-up. Whether you’re ultra-glam or more simple & nautural, face it, hair & make-up is important. I am lucky to have friends in the industry who are so dang talented at what they do, I will never question or search very far for who I go to for hair & makeup. I have quite the team, who I am eager to recommend to anyone.
Salina’s Bridal Boho Braid was done by the talented Breanna Cohoon. When I conjured up the idea to try to put together my own boho wedding styled shoot, I knew exactly who I needed to do the brides hair, the master of braids herself, Breanna.
I couldn’t just stop at the bride though, I had to have a super cute bridesmaid along Salina’s side & I knew Haylee would look beautiful in a classic updo, done by Marisa Brooks with a bit of a boho spin by adding some flowers in there.
& to finish off the beautiful bride & her bridesmaid Vanessa Hargis did what she does best. Personally, I can be picky when it comes to how makeup looks on me, I don’t tend to like dramatic or tons of color, and Vanessa knew how to use natural tones and techniques to highlight both these girls natural beauty, without darwing attention to the makeup itself. Which I LOVE! It photographed so well, which can be hard to do sometimes! I can’t beleive the way it all turned out, these girls are truly amazing at what they do.

After getting to capture tons of amazing weddings, I realized that calligraphy and signage is a small detail that can make a big difference. When I found Alex with Handwash Designs on instagram, I knew I needed to work with her. & this was the perfect project to kick off that creative bond. One of my FAVORITE signs as a photographer is the Unplugged ceremony sign. Encouraging your guests to stay present in the moment & fight the urge to take that photo on their iphone 6 is so important. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve taken photos where all you see is iphone screens up in the air on either side of the aisle. Or even worse, that one aunt that you love so very much, will do that damn thing where she gets up out of her seat right when you guys kiss and begin walking down the aisle, & get in the middle of the aisle with her ipad. It’s a great sign to have, afterall, you paid to have a photographer there to specifically capture those moments, trust me when I say their shot will be a whole lot better than Aunt Susie’s from the third row.
& guess what!!! This is my favorite part… you can go beyond the calligraphy just on signs and get custom his & hers leather or denim jackets made! We decided we wanted to make Salina & Ryan’s real simple so we could pass them on to another couple afterward, but you can get anything on the jacket that screams YOU! That’s the funnest part about hiring someone like Alex, she can help make your #couplesgoals come to life. 😉

I am Penny the Photo Booth’s newest & biggest fan! My wandering, old school heart beats for things like this. It’s a vintage trailer with a fricken photo booth inside! It’s like all the best things wrapped into one canned-ham trailer, ready for your wedding! This trailer’s name is ‘Hugo’ but his partner in crime in ‘Penny’ yep, that’s right, like Penny Lane. & you NEED to see them both more in-depth! Do it, click here.

We also made the cutest customized invites for the shoot. Through my partnership with Basic Invite all of my clients get 20% off of invites & announcements for weddings and other milestones by using my code. If you want to take me up on the offer, just head on over to my ‘For You’ page on my website, i’ve got some good deals to save you some money!

Styled Shoot_874.jpgStyled Shoot_874.jpg

If you’ve made it here to the very end, thank you for reading & Congratulations! You’ve just got yourself the best team of wedding vendors out. If you’re wondering a little bit more about ME, the one who took all of these photos, I invite you to take a trip to my webite, Maddison Rose Photography!

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  1. Lizzie says:

    You made our engagement session so seamless and a lot less awkward than I anticipated! Lol You got us to let down our guards and just be ourselves. We actually are using some of these other vendors in addition to you for the wedding already and I can’t wait for you to capture our special day in just a few months!

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