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Tips for planning the best “getting ready” spot

Filed in The Blog — November 27, 2017

Getting ready spaces! A good getting ready space can make your pre-ceremony photos sooo much prettier! I know many people don’t necessarily have a choice where they get ready if they’re getting ready at their venue & just using a space that’s provided for them & that’s totally fine. I’ve shot in tons of different shitty lighting cramped quarters for getting ready & we can still make it work!

BUT! If you do have control & you plan on booking a hotel room or airbnb to get ready in, here are some things you should consider looking for:

✔️Good Natural Lighting(the most important)- the more natural light let in through windows, the better!

✔️ Spacious – small is ok, but the more room the easier it is to work in & the less cluttered things get.

✔️Simple Aesthetics- Plain White walls will help with lighting the room up on top of natural light, allowing the light to bounce off the walls & make your pretty faces GLOW! Or even other neutral colors, wood, etc. 

✔️ Keep the main room clean & throw all the clutter somewhere that photos aren’t going to be taken. – This one is just something I’m throwing in because I figured why not?! Having tons of water bottles and dry cleaning bags and subway sandwich bags all over isn’t cute. I’ll try to move them, ALWAYS, but occasionally one will sneak in here or there so figured I’d put it out to you guys!

Again, if you can’t do this, don’t even worry about it. But if you can, it can make your photos that much better!


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