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Casual Engagement Session Outfit Ideas For Couples Photos | Maddison Rose Photography

Filed in Engagements, The Blog — June 19, 2023

So you’re planning an engagement / couples photoshoot, woo! I know picking out outfits for multiple people in a new setting, for a photoshoot isn’t always the easiest.

The 3 main pointers I give across the board are:

  • Earth tones always look good
  • Scheming but not MATCHING with one another (think color palette) 
  • Wearing something that feels like YOU

At the end of the day though, outfits are not everything, what matters most is your smiling faces together, so if you can’t come up with the “perfect” things, don’t stress it. Plain & simple attire does great! Here’s some examples for different outfits to look cohesive and natural in photos together.

Casual Looks For Spring, Summer, or Early Fall

  1. Flowy neutral sweater dress paired with a hat and boots with dark chinos and a short sleeve button up shirt.

2. Neutral flowy wide leg pants and a tank top with a henley t-shirt and khaki pants.

3. White top with light wash jeans and heels with a pastel button up shirt and light khakis.

Casual Looks for Fall and Winter

4. Deep sweater, black jeans, and boots with a flannel and blue jeans.

5. Wide leg trousers, neutral top and long coat with corduroy shirt / shacket and black jeans. (Notice the different earth tones look so good and not matchy!)

I hope this was helpful! Most importantly to prepare for your photos, make sure to get ready early and spend some relaxed quality time together before the shoot starts!

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