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Carmel Coastal Wedding Vow Renewal

Filed in Anniversary — April 8, 2019

Just when I thought that nothing could be quite as beautiful and magical for a couple than a wedding, I witnessed this 10-year vow renewal. Sara & Mike brought me along with them and their three (friggen adorable) kids to re-visit their wedding venue on the central coat of California. We started at Point Lobos Reserve for family photos and couples photos of the two of them & then headed up to the Hyatt Highlands Carmel, where they had a beautiful ceremony on a wooden deck surrounded by trees and overlooking the water. They shared vows with each other that I had the honor of being there for & the words they spoke shed light on the last ten years of growing they had n=done together, so many memories, bringing three little ones into this world & growing to love each other in even more and deeper ways than they ever thought they could. Getting married is often the most exciting time for a couple, but after the flowers die and the cake is gone, it can be hard to relish in the feelings that were once so new and fresh and magical. Let me tell you, there is no better way to spark up all of those feelings you had on your wedding day again than doing a vow renewal. These two showed me that you can reflect on where you started, cherish where you are currently are and how far you’ve come and look forward to all that you have in the future together.

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