With that being said, I have been able to find excitement in things like weekend camping trips with my boyfriend, Brady and indulging on good beer, all things potatoes and playing oldies. I have a bachelors of arts in communications from San Francisco State and I value that education greatly. (yes, even as a photographer) I am ALWAYS looking for ways to stay educated & I often find my earbuds flooded with podcasts from business, to self help, finance, to bachelor franchise stars (guilty pleasure). I love learning new things and hearing random facts that start with “ Did you know…?”

My business evolves along with me & I am always finding new ways to level up & get better. Because no shoot is ever the same, I continuously find myself gushing over how much I love this job of mine. It’s truly so fun and rewarding which makes all the hard work worth it. If I am lucky enough to get you in font of my camera, I know you’ll get to experience what I’m talking about!

Maddison Trester

I’m a creative who found her love for entrepreneurship in photography. My camera has been my vehicle to combine my inherent creativity with my love for people and connection. I gravitate towards the things that are not forced in my own life and in the wedding days I get to be apart of.

Finding a life outside of this career has been the biggest challenge for me overwhelmingly the last couple of years because I have an unwavering drive to succeed. (If the enneagram test means anything to you, I was a 3w2 when I took it.)

This is who I am

My outlook on life + Approach with my work...

We share a love for old school rock n' roll, 90's punk & I've accomplished the feat of getting him to watch the bachelor with me. That's how you know its love amiright??

we met in 2016

I have a big need for adventure and I'm lucky that brady comes right along with me on all of my crazy ideas and plans.

we love an excuse for a camp trip + adventure

While I was in college completing my degree, Brady was in the fire academy & starting his career as a Firefighter. We both graduated at the same time & began our careers side by side.

started real life together in 2019

a little
peek at us

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Brady and I live about 20 minutes east of San Francisco in the California Bay Area & I love it here. Between the redwoods and the ocean, I’m a California coast girl through and through.

 100%. Traveling is something I have in my journal to make sure I make time & space for in my life, forever. I love that I’ve been given opportunities to travel for weddings & couples sessions & I always welcome more!

As I touched on a bit above, I’m someone who craves connection and authenticity in life. I see that come out in my work as well. I like to call myself a professional facilitator as I am strategic in giving space for real moments to happen without having too much of a heavy hand in directing. I want to set my clients up for success and beautiful photos while allowing them to tell their own story!

Q & A

01. I played the saxophone for 4 years & I sucked at it.

02.My first car was a 1967 Ford pick up truck with a brown paint job& naturally, I named it "Rusty"

03.I'm a gemini

04. I did not get the athletic gene in my family

05. I like babies more than dogs, oops I said it.

some quircky details

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